Sage Smudging for a New Job?

One of our readers asks: “Hey, I just found out my office is shutting down, and I’m going to be out of a job next month. I’m really upset by this, worried about finding a new job. I’ve used sage for smudging to protect my house and clear negativity, can smudging with white sage help me get a new job?”

Sage Blessings for a Job

You can create your own personal smudging ceremony for just about anything, including your job. Remember that a sage smudging focuses on honor, protection, releasing negativity. Not only can you smudge for yourself but you can also, remotely or long distance, for the office and your coworkers.

Long Distance Sage Smudging Healing

Obviously any smudging ceremony whether with white sage, sweetgrass, cedar, or any other fragrant herb will have a sensory effect just on those in the physical area, the idea of smudging is that the smoke carries the wishes or blessings to the spirit world. Someone does not need to be present to receive a prayer, blessing or positive thought in their honor.

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