Sage Smudging Blessings For The Total Solar Eclipse

What better time to do a sage smudging blessing than during a celestial event like a total solar eclipse. Tomorrow is the first time in 99 years that the US will have a total solar eclipse from “sea to shining sea”.

Many people will be outside for this rare event, hopefully taking head to protect their eyes by using the appropriate eye protection. Sunglasses are NOT adequate, far from it!  One nifty trick for seeing the eclipse is to use a colander and a piece of white paper, Hold the paper under the colander and you will see many images of the overlapping of the moon over the sun.

Spiritual impact of a total solar eclipse

What exactly is happening during a total solar eclipse? The alignment of the earth, the moon, and sun with the moon passing over the sun creates a darkened sky and only a halo visible around the moon.

Spiritually, the moon has been considered to be masculine, and the sun as feminine. Myths include the idea of the eclipse being a “coming together” of these two celestial energies. Keep in mind there is one other “player” in this rendezvous, and that is the earth, aka you. So the eclipse is an example of relationships, illusions, and perceptions.

Are you ready to bring a new energy to your relationships, let go of illusions, and give a great healing to your perceptions?  Great!!

White Sage Blessing for a total solar eclipse

The time involved in the actual TOTAL part of the eclipse is only minutes, but the time that the moon passes over the sun takes maybe 90 minutes. So we have the time that leads up to the event, the event itself, and the aftermath/integration of the event.

Why did I mention aftermath AND integration?  Well, the impact of the eclipse and the changes in a person energy can go both ways. There can be the more negative aftermath caused by fear, imbalance, and instability. Integration though can be a shift in your personal energy vibration in harmony with the energy shift of the eclipse. A powerful celestial event is also a great time to let go of the old and bring in the new.

The possibilities?  Endless!!

Creating your own White Sage Blessing

Here are a few ideas for a white sage blessing for the total solar eclipse. Keep in mind you can use this blessing anytime, as the aura/afterglow of the eclipse will last for days, weeks.

You can start your blessing in the spirit of cooperation.

“Great spirit, I offer my cooperation and support during this transitional time”

Add your contribution to the mix:

  • Blessings for peaceful coexistence (we sure could use this energy now!!)
  • Prayer for harmony, keeping in mind that harmony only exists where there is a relationship.
  • One for Many: the eclipse involves one sun, one moon, one earth, but many people, animals, and flora. This speaks out of abundance, something we can see around us in nature.
  • The release of fear, imbalance, disarray.
  • An offering of love, balance, free will.
  • Request for personal responsibility and self-awareness and acceptance.
  • Peace, tolerance, cooperation.

Who is the recipient of your blessing?

It’s perfectly fine to create a blessing that is only for you but keep in mind that you impact the lives of others whether you realize it or not.  Who is the recipient of your white sage blessing?  We all benefit from the light of the sun, we all can see the reflective light of the moon.

Great Spirit, I offer this blessing from my heart and soul, and give my voice to the stream of energy of divine presence so that others may benefit.

Wishing you a wonderful eclipse day, with joy.

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