Sage Smudging: Are Shamanism and Wiccan the Same?

I have heard a little, here and there, about the use of herbs to heal, cast spells, and do blessings. Is there a relationship between shamanism and wiccan? If I use sage smudging am I doing witchcraft? How do I learn more about wiccan for healing and clearing negative energy?

Both wiccan and shamanic beliefs follow along a similar underlying belief, that the earth is sacred, and that our thoughts and actions should follow a course of honor and respect. When I speak of wiccan I speak of what is referred to as white magic.

When you do smudging using white sage you are setting an intention, being humble, that means open enough to change and interactivity. You are also expressing your power in an inner direction, which means that you are using the power of intention to bring desired results. The same words could be used to describe the use of wicca or even prayer.

Here are some books that will give you a look into the world of wiccan and the common threads of beliefs to other teachings such as the Law of Attraction and The Secret:

A Course in Materialization has over seven hundred pages of quotes from nineteen books by fourteen teachers in areas such as the laws of abundance, success, prosperity, attraction, power, compensation, love, harmony, imagination, ability, soul, affinity, mental control, manifestation, spiritual growth, liberty, individuality, personal freewill, reciprocity, creativity, and similar topics such as how to develop willpower, how to use visualization, the power of concentration, how to use affirmations, and the field of autosuggestion which is closely related to hypnosis.

Another book which may be of interest is A Treatise on White Magic, which is part of a 24 volume set of books. In this volume you will find the Fifteen Rules for Magic. It is thought that the soul, or the White Magician, came about or manifested through its own magical abilities. This belief goes on to describe man as (essencially) divine, and it is through our soul that we evolve and experience consciousness.

Both of these books make great reference materials to spark insight and consciousness.

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