Creating White Sage Sacred Space For The New Year

Let’s focus for a moment on the idea of energy clearing, renewing your thoughts and dedication to your world. White sage has been very popular for clearing energy and creating a “sacred space” When should you do your white sage energy clearing? What about now, to finish off this year and begin your new year 2014 like “a breath of fresh air”.

white sage blessing happy new year 2014New Year 2014 – In with the new?

Like any other time in our world, there is certainly a lot we could change. There is also a lot for which we can be thankful. Which side to you normally focus on, what needs to change, or what we are doing right? Which side would you like to stand on?

One of the great things about using white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or lavender as a tool for bringing your focus and intent to life is that you are exercising your power to create the world within. Do we want the world to change, most importantly within our inner circle? Change takes energy, and sustaining that change takes dedication, and the ability to hold true to what you believe in. Re-phrased, that means it takes dedication and energy to create safe and sacred space.

Creating sacred space isn’t always about starting over. There is so much that stays with us, things to be carried forward. Our relationships are built over time, creating bonds that can last a lifetime. Is that something to throw away? Sometimes, but not in most cases. Most relationships are woven from a whole spectrum of experiences, some that are treasured, and some that are not. Going back to the question asked earlier: which side do you stand on, and which side do you want to grow stronger in the year to come?

White Sage Blessings for the New Year

There is so much that can be said on this topic of clearing the air and taking a supporting step into the new year, far more than this posting can hold. Each of us has our own circumstances that affect us. Each of us also has our own soul-driven direction, and strengths that you may not even know exist, at least not today. I encourage you to take the time in the days that follow to turn within, find both sides, and take the steps to heal both what you choose to keep and what you choose to let go.

If you need help then reach out to others. This support can be a friend, a family member, or support through coaching or counseling.

Begin by setting a safe space, and promise to keep it safe and sacred. Use all the elements, all the directions, like a compass that helps you get back home again. Complete the process by inviting in the support and guidance that will serve you in the year to come. Happy new year, from

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