Sage and a Healthy Smile

fresh sageThe focus of is directed toward self-awareness, happiness, and the sense of well-being. White Sage has been a traditional tool for creating a safe and sacred space, clearing negative energies, and connecting with resources that are supportive.

Today let’s shift in a way that embraces the power of herbs. All plants have energy, and elements that support human and animal life. Plants also have essential oils, described as the “soul” of the plant. Those essential oils have qualities that sustain even when those essential oils have been extracted from the plant.

Sage for a healthy smile

Kate at HealthyFoodMind shared a post on How to Cure Gum Disease with Easy Natural Cures. On the list is a simple recipe for making sage tea, a concoction that can then be used as a mouth rinse to promote healthy gums.

Sage is part of the mint family, and has many health benefits, which you can read about here. Nutritionally, sage offers many nutrients such as vitamin K.

Keep in mind, the sage variety that you use for cooking is different than the white sage used in white sage smudging bundles.

Whether you use sage for cooking or for smudging, it is clear that the earth has instilled tremendous life in plants and animals, and mankind can benefit from re-learning the power readily found in the world around us.

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