Rose Smoke Smudging And Incense

Did you know you can burn dried rose petals as incense? Even when dried, rose petals are beautiful and can be quite aromatic. What about their energetic power for attraction and support?

What is known about roses? The most common, and traditional, use for the rose is related to relationships and love. Each color has its own meaning:

  • Red – romance, love, respect, passion
  • Pink – Dark pink makes a great “thank you” or message of appreciation (even self-appreciation) while light pink is more associated with sympathy, sweetness, grace.
  • Yellow – friendship, and also cheering up and get well
  • White – the color white is often associated with purity. Innocence, and humility
  • Orange – this very energetic color is associated with interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm

Smoke smudging with rose petals

You can use dried rose petals as a part of your smudging much the same as you would use loose leaf sage or other smudging herbs. Make sure the bowl or container you use will not break from the heat, and will not transfer the heat to your hands. Burns should not be a part o your smudging experience!

Who knew people burn dried rose petals for incense? In this form, this beautiful flower retains its abilities with attracting love and enhancing a romantic environment. It is also used for meditation and encouraging peace.

Historical Uses of Rose

According to medieval physician and mystic Hildegard:

Rose is cold and this same coldness has a useful temperament in it. At daybreak or in the morning, take a rose leaf and place it over your eye. this draws out the humor and makes it clear. But let whoever has a weeping ulcer on his or her body, take a rose leaf over it and draw out the pus. But rose also strengthens any potion or ointment or any other medication when it is added to it. And these are so much better even if only a little rose has been added to them. This is from the good strength of the rose, as previously mentioned.”

Note: the statement that rose is cold is not related to room temperature or a person’s attitude by “acting cold”. In this instance, “cold” would be viewed as soothing, calm, gentle, as opposed to intense or stimulating

Spiritual qualities of rose petals

Rose petals have a wonderful energy for encouraging a peaceful, calm, meditation state. During meditation, your brain will shift from the thinking brain to the observer and a state of “being”. This shift, in turn, allows your body to relax.

Let’s not forget the most appreciated aspect of roses: love. Roses and the essential oil of roses has a high frequency, much higher than the human body. Another way that roses promote calming is through acceptance. Roses attract, like for like.

Roses support healing through this energy of love, letting you be who you are, unconditionally.

Rose petal smudging/healing

Rose petals can be challenging to weave into a smudging wand. An alternative is to use rose petals like loose leaf sage, in a smudging bowl. Use caution, hold the bowl still, and use your other hand or a feather to gently guide the smoke.

Another alternative is to purchase rose essential oil and apply a drop or two to your smudging wand prior to use. The amazon link below gives you both rose petals and buds, and a small bottle of rose essential oil, making it a good deal.

rose healing smudging

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