Reno Psychic Fair – Reno-Sparks Concention Ctr- Mystikal & Magikal RUBY RIVER

Join us at the Miracle & Psychic Fair, October 23 & 24, 2010 in Reno. Explore the treasures available from RUBY RIVER, including: traditional incense; resin, powder, wood and herb stick incense; burners, kettles & cauldrons; and 50 different perfume oils with unique diffusers. We feature soy or palm wax jar, tea-light & votive candles. Himalayan Crystal Salt products in many sizes and uses. White Sage, Cedar, Yerba Santa bundles, and Sweet Grass braids. If you can’t use these try our unique White Sage and Sweet Grass sprays. Come by and say hello! Check out our website for our events:

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