Reiki Energy Healing with White Sage Sacred Space?

“Can I use both the White Sage smudging techniques I learned at the Healing Drum Retreat along with Reiki energy healing?”

These days most who study spiritual and metaphysical concepts combine many styles and teachings. You can use Reiki energy healing techniques along with White Sage smudging to create a multi-level healing effect.

Reiki classes are available around the world. You can study Reiki and other forms of energy healing in combination with white sage smuding, native drumming, and spiritual awareness at the Healing Drum Retreat in Washington state. is happy to offer you this video to enhance and inspire greater consciousness and growth. It is an introduction to the concept of Reiki energy healing, and shows harmony and similar intentions to White Sage Smudging.

A video on Reiki Healing, with calming enjoyable music.

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