Protect Your Home with a House Blessing

blessing your home white sageProtecting your home with a house blessing using white sage increases your sense of comfort.  It also helps you to reduce your stress by lifting away some of the energies that make you feel uncomfortable.

Is shifting the energies in your home important to your happiness?  Happiness is an “open” energy. Tension, fear, and anger cause you to close up, tighten your energy field.

White sage blessing are a way to energize your dwelling with positive blessings and energy. This will heal past negative influences and create a protective environment.

  • Make your home a sanctuary by calling in the Source of life: God, or your Higher Power.
  • Focus on the outcome you desire, and speak of having “even more” peace and joy in your house.
  • Use forgiveness to release energies that do not support what you seek.
  • Use the power of love, gratitude, and appreciation – these are powerful energies!

Create good karmic energy by blessing your home, yourself, and all those who enter your house. Lasting peace is maintained and supported through psychic and energy protection, aka “maintaining your space”.

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