Prayers Begin At The Beginning

What is at the very core of prayer, meditation, or white sage smudging ceremonies? If you look beyond the logic and emotions that cause your conflicts to feel intense, you will find a simple desire to be right. Are we talking about right as opposed to wrong? No, that’ the conflict side. What about “right” in terms of feeling balanced, certain, loved, and happy? Imagine what it would be like to feel beautiful within.

prayers begin at the beginningPrayers begin at the beginning

It doesn’t matter whether your time of reflection and prayer is enhanced by your actions of using white sage for cleansing and sweetgrass for blessings.

Those actions are wonderful, of course, but they are only the cloak that surrounds the intent, just like the body surrounds the soul. What does your soul seek?

Let me offer to you a simple thought, one that you may want to offer to yourself during your time of reflection and prayer.

This thought might be offered along with your white sage smudging, or while taking a walk. You could be working with your precious gemstones, or using any of the energy healing modalities.

This simple thought was share so many centuries ago by Socrates:

“I pray Thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within. ”

Imagine what it’s like to simply “be”

Imagine what it would be like, to carry with you throughout your busy day a peacefulness and stillness that lets you “be”. Could it affect what you offer to the world? Would the “law of attraction” create a difference in how the world treats you?

Prayers begin at the beginning, long before the “story” of your complicated lives can take hold. Our core, and the expression of your soul, is the foundation on which your house is built.

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