Part 3 Reiki Healing – The front of the body

This video demonstrates a reiki energy healing under the teachings of the New Awakening Spiritual System. is happy to offer you this video to enhance and inspire greater consciousness and growth.

This Reiki healing treatment tutorial video was created for professional practice and the treatment of friends and family. You will find this treatment illustrated plus many others in our book ‘Reiki Healing First Degree’ available from Amazon UK and USA. This free video features part three of the treatment how treat the face and the front of the body when the client is lying face up on the treatment couch. Visit our website at The New Awakening multimedia system consists of three parts which are the Book, the audio CD set and the spiritual attunement. These three parts of The New Awakening Spiritual System work like a lock and key. The Book is like the lock which contains the knowledge that will empower you. The audio CD sets and the Free Attunements are like the key which transforms the knowledge in the mind to become a heartfelt spiritual experience, awakening you to a higher state of consciousness. Please enjoy your learning experience and have fun – Namaste

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