Palo Santo Blessings

Many individuals have turned to white sage as their primary smudging herb. Are there alternatives to the typical native plants: white sage, sweetgrass, cedar? One such aromatic plant comes Inca origin, known as the holy wood, Palo Santo.

Palo Santo Smudging

The harvested wood from the Palo Santo tree can be set on fire, it will extinguish itself in a minute, and then the smoke can be used similarly to how white sage is used. The smoke is used in healing and blessing ceremonies to remove bad energy and provide energy protection. Palo Santo is also used in plant spirit rituals.

Aromatherapy Nature of Palo Santo

Aromatherapy, using the fragrance from plants, is a long-honored tradition. The scent of the Palo Santo bark, harvested from naturally fallen trees and branches, and aged for several years, has an aroma that is reminiscent of citrus, with a hint of frankincense as well.

Palo Santo Blessings

Just as you do with your white sage blessings and healings, you can use the smoke from the Palo Santo tree to gently bless, clear negative energy, and set sacred space.

Inca Prayer to all the spirits of places

Creator, end of all things
root of all
Lord of the Lake
active diligent Wiracocha,
Lord of Mountains
Lord of Prayers
Lord of Rituals
Lord without measure,
Creator, end of all,
who rewards and grants:
Let the communities and peoples prosper
and also those who journey outside or within.

Prayer from The Sacred Hymns of Pachacutec

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