Nature Quest

A nature quest is just another name for your native american indian vision quest.  Typically the vision quest refers to what is formally recognized as your ‘Native American Vision Quest’. Nevertheless some facilitators prefer to make use of the term ‘nature quest’ rather than ‘vision quest’ to distinguish the difference between a ‘Native American Vision Quest’ and the procedure getting used.

Native Ceremonies

Usually the Native American vision quest follows ceremonies that are passed down from generation to another generation. Personally I use the phrase ‘vision quest’ for your solo nature quests I facilitate simply because it is the phrase most people understand.

However I really feel it is important to distinguish that I don’t facilitate ‘Native American’ vision quests in the conventional feeling of the phrase. The reason for that is that I’ve not grown up in American and here in Australia I have not been subjected to many native American Indians to gain an in-depth knowledge of their tradition.

Personally I’ve experimented with a quantity of the ceremonies that Native Americans use for his or her traditional nature quest nevertheless I’ve had mixed results with them.

Create Your Own Nature Quest

For instance I’ve attempted fasting whilst out on my own quests but personally I discovered that to become much more distracting than beneficial because I was constantly thinking about my hunger as opposed to picking up the subtle signs from spirit and nature. That’s to not say fasting is ineffective, nevertheless in my experience it grew to become quite a distraction.

Likewise with creating a conventional medicine wheel for the ‘power spot’. Personally I discovered it another distraction to place a great deal of importance on getting the ceremony. For instance, gathering stones for the N-S-E-W locations, entering from a certain path, smudging to purify the space, not leaving the circle other than for unique occasions and so on. Again, that isn’t to say the medicine wheel doesn’t have merit but in my experience it distracted from listening to the delicate messages from nature and spirit.

Pick a spot and Simply be Aware

Having a nature quest, the concept is to once more set out with an intention for the quest, find a spot in nature you feel drawn to and listen to and interpret the indicators from nature and spirit and relate them towards the area of existence you’re looking at. Then the actual energy will come in the re-integration phase of your nature quest. That is when you create a step-by-step plan to carry the insights you acquired into action steps in order to transition from one stage of your existence to another.

by Eric Fender

About the Author: If you want to go on a vision quest and learn how to tap into spirit then this could be the most essential message you’ll actually read.

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