Mustang Medicine: Native American Flute-Blues MAMA Original

Medicine Music for Native American Flute and Drum – Native American Flute Cedar in A – Raven Cusson Taos Double-Head Frame Drum – Niko Tarini / Original Composition by Raven Cusson Horse medicine is the medicine of ultimate power. It is said that Native Americans believe that if you can steal an enemy’s horse, you have stolen his power. Your true power comes through the wisdom you acquire by remembering your total journey, not only in this lifetime, but the life times that came before. Through this wisdom we learn not to judge others, but to have compassion for them in their journey. Horses are Symbols of Travel, Power and Freedom This totem brings new journeys ~ It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power ~ It is a totem guide to overcoming obstacles ~The Horse is the symbol of Wind ~ Horse people are usually friendly and adventurous ~ If a horse has shown up in your life, you must ask yourself: “Am I feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?” ~ Horse will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power. The Wild Horse has long been a symbol of the Strength, Fortitude and Spirit of America -but who knew that America’s Wild Horses are being slaughtered for food and sold in foreign marketplaces, since 2004! It sounds like science fiction to me, but I did some research and I assure you folks, it’s true. Check it out for yourself. I put a link below which is as

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