Is White Sage Smudging Anti-Religious?

One of our readers asked the question, “Is smudging with white sage or other plants going to be seen as as wrong by my church? I’m very drawn to smudging but don’t want to do anything that is wrong.”

Is White Sage Smudging Anti Religious?

Great Question! Let’s step back from the word religion and just say “belief system“, and when we do that there is a lot of pressure and separation that is eliminated. In what is called “native” practices, not just american but around the world, there are traditions and culture that is strongly tied to honor and spirituality. White sage, sweetgrass, cedar and other aromatic plants were used for spiritual protection and blessings.

Gifts for the New Born Jesus

What was given as a gift of great value by the three wise men?  Gold was one of them, and it certainly has retained its value!  The other two gifts were myrrh and frankincense, two aromatic resins that were highly honored and of great value at that time. Today the catholic church uses incense that contains both myrrh and frankincense in their masses.

Above All Honor

Soon we celebrate the birth of Christ, and in-between our festivities we give honor and thanks. We can use sweetgrass and white sage as a part of a prayer, blessing, or song. Just like the many instruments that make up the orchestra, there are many sounds, many parts, but they all play the same song.

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