Is White Sage Smudging An Incantation?

When I think of the word incantation, my thoughts immediately makes me think about spells and magick, something I consciously choose to avoid in my practices.  I do honor recognizing both the light and the dark sides, but I never recommend casting spells or incantations that are meant to do manipulate or cause harm to others, for whatever reason. Those practices do not solve problems, they only create more layers to what might already be a complex situation.

Do no harm

Striking out and doing harm to others is damaging to both the target and the person sending that intent. Look at it this way: your energy goes where your attention goes. When you send out the energy of fear, anger, or resentment, you are distancing yourself from your own energy and power, and you automatically lose control over that energy. Is that your intent, to do harm, or is your intent to find peace, and be safe and loved?

Let’s turn the focus toward healing those reactive moments, and shifting the energy in a way that is beneficial for all.

Healing your defensive instincts

If your answer comes out with even a glimmer of desire to do harm, let it be for a moment. We all have ego’s that can be bruised, and hearts that can be broken. There are ways to get beyond your own defense mechanisms and restore your inner peace.

  • Ask yourself why you want to hurt or punish that person. Was it something they said or did?
  • Next, ask yourself how their words or actions made you feel.
  • The next step is to honestly ask yourself, “is this the way I want to feel?” and if the answer is no, then ask “how do I want to feel?”
  • Finally, give your attention to how you want to feel: appreciated, loved, safe, warm, comfortable, joyful, released, free, embraced.

Healing your hurts so you can move on with grace

If you were free of whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable at this time, how would you feel?

What could you do?

While writing this article, as with every article, I weave many levels energetically into the words. This includes an energetic “demonstration” of the process. There is far more than just words in my writing! While I stepped through the process I noticed some very interesting shifts that are worthy of sharing.

First was in asking the question, “If you were free of whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable at this time, how would you feel?” The first response was clearly an unknown, empty space, a bit unnerving, like standing at the edge of a chasm, not seeing was was beyond. This could be a stopping point for a lot of people. Let it be, and let your vision clear. My clearing did not have words, but images of myself being within my own peace and quiet.

The next question I asked, “What could you do?” was surprising, and most welcomed. I saw that I would have so much more energy to use for creating what I want, expressing myself with happiness, creating something worthy of sharing. As I allowed that impression to remain within my vision, I could see that others were soon seeing me, turning to greet me, seeking my services or buying what I had created.

Wow, I really like seeing my power used in a creative way. It’s much better than butting heads in an inner struggle or remaining stuck in harsh feelings for others.

Clearing the stage for truly honorable white sage smudging

Sometimes you may feel hurt, or harmed by others. No one appreciates feeling that way. Sometimes the response is to strike back. Other times you might try to step around the hurt, trying to carry on with your life.

Taking a few minutes to recognize the discomfort, giving it a chance to be recognized, can make a world of difference. It can be hard to let go when the feeling has such a strong grip. One way to shift out of hard feelings or hurt is to see something even more powerful than the moment, and that means seeing you in a different light.

Preceding your prayer or expression of honor with a few minutes of self-clearing will free your energies so you can have an even stronger presence and a clearer voice. As you practice these simple exercises, your head will be clearer, your heart will be heard, and your world will express itself in an even more harmonious way.

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