Is Sage Smudging Passive or Agressive?

A reader asks, “I’ve read a lot about energy smudging, using sage and sweetgrass, or cedar for clearing negative energy. Is smudging a passive kind of energy healing, or is it active, almost agressive (in a healing sense)?”

This is an interesting way of phrasing your question. Agressive and forceful seem to mean invasive, and it’s not the intent to invade. Smudging is restoring, which is the meaning of healing, to make whole again. Then again, it is not passive either. Energy healing is always about movement and transformation.

One thing to remember about smudging is it is by intent and should always be with permission. As far as the idea of clearing away energy, the energy that is cleared is either stagnant or does not belong in that space or person’s energy field. You can see it however you like: removing (forceful) or returning the energy to the place where it can be useful (healing).


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