Is Burning Sage Beneficial For Us?

A reader asks: “Is burning sage beneficial for us? I know it’s used as a cleansing ritual, that it takes negative energies away, but is it good for our health to burn sage? What does sage do for us spiritually? What are the benefits spiritually?  It does make me feel a little better after i have been sad, burning it that is.”

Burning Sage Smoke to Create Change

Burning sage and using the smoke for smudging energy healing is a tradition that has sustained around the world. Sage is a very aromatic plant, and it’s essential oil carries a strong energy signature. It is not just the sage though, it is the intent we carry and our ability to focus on a desired outcome that creates the change within our own energy field and our perceptions.

Using sage for smudging does affect our body. We are sensitive and sensory oriented. Use caution when smudging, how much and where you will smudge. Inhaling a large amount of smoke is not beneficial to our lungs and the smoke can irritate eyes and sinuses, too. Use wisely, a little goes a long way.


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