How do I properly light stick incense?

incense sticks white sageA reader shares their observations on using white sage incense:

“I’ve noticed that there appears to be a difference in both scent and quality of the burn when lighting the incense and leaving the flame to self-extinguish. Any suggestions on a good way of lighting?”

It’s a matter of preference, how we go about lighting incense. Some see it as more a ritual when they light the incense and then let it naturally extinguish into smoke. Others feel a greater sense of control by lighting and blowing out the light right away. That feeling of control (whether we feel it or need to feel it) is a great topic for a meditation, and trying it both ways to see which fits.

Another thought would be whether it’s “okay” to use a lighter instead of a stick match. Is there a more honorable way to light incense, or do we even need to consider these details.

Incense and Intentions

What’s the most important thing to consider whether using incense to clear energy or to inspire a change in thoughts? Our intentions are a key to success in anything in life. Focus on the desired outcome, whether it’s a certain result or something as simple as a feeling of happiness.

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