How Do I Know Where To Find White Sage?

white sage smudge sticksA reader asks: “Where do I go to find white sage, what kind to get, the quality of it, and is there anything else I should know about the white sage I would use for smudging my house or people?” This is a great question!  Simply looking for “white sage” pretty much gets you the type used for smudging. The leaves are big, the color light, not quite white but light.

You can buy either a smudging stick, which is a bundle tied with string, those work well for lighting and you can hold on to the smudging wand easily. One question to ask: will you want to reuse that wand, or start with fresh sage next time? If you want a “Fresh start” each time you do a smudging blessing then you might think about buying a bag of sage leaves and using a smudging bowl instead of holding the sage in your hand.

Sage Smudge and the Soul of the Plant

Let’s create a link now between the spiritual and science. Plants have essential oils, some more powerful than others. Essential oils have been called “the soul of the plant”. The essential oils can be viewed as an energy, something to be invested or exchanged, and white sage has a lot of essential oil value. We can pick up on the value of those oils through the aroma, but those who are open to “feeling” the energy can feel a difference.

You can buy sage in essential oil form as well, and even buy candles as an alternative to the traditional smoke based smudging.

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