Home Sweet Home – Clearing and Blessing Your Living Space

Energy healing has been used for centuries to clear physical spaces of negativity, intense emotions, and sad or painful occurrences that linger in a space long past the actual events.  It is not just the skilled intuitive that notices these subtle influences, many individuals who would never have thought of themselves as spiritual will speak of negative vibes or a bad atmosphere.

House Cleansing

House clearing the white sage smudge way can change the energy very quickly, in a sense giving the physical space an energy healing.  This clearing and blessing ritual can be used both inside and outside, bringing focus to all corners and boundaries.  You can also use the four directions for your intention setting, using a compass to determine your north, west, south and east reference points. Don’t forget the above and below spaces.

Underground influences can affect the energy of a home, depleting the energy or creating a vortex of draining negativity.  You can smudge to clear the space and set new boundaries.  If the energy vortex continues it is advised that you call upon someone with energy perception abilities and experience working with the energy healing of spaces to determine the nature and cause of the problem, and provide a solution to shift the disturbing influence elsewhere.

Space Clearing

Whether we are talking about a person, place or thing we can refer to any of these energy healing techniques as “space clearing”.  We always want to take it full cycle, clearing or releasing what no longer fits, and filling the space with the energies or vibrations that encourage and promote wellness.

It is your choice whether to use smudging smoke or smoke-free smudging sprays for your space clearing activities.  No matter which you chose remember that your intentions are just as important as any action you take.  For clarity on the energies affecting your home, and powerful, professional clearing, please reference the energy clearing services.

Disclaimer: Whether you are using an essential oil or the smoke derived by smudging care should always be taken to assure that you and those around you do not have chemical sensitivities to sage or other essential oils.  Check with others for breathing health issues prior to using any smoke or smoke-free products. It is the responsibility of the individual to properly research in the use of any essential oil or plant product.

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