Healing and Making Peace with White Sage

Sage grows readily in many areas around the world. White sage is the most commonly used for smudging and ceremonies, but you can use other varieties of sage, too.

Making Changes in Our Lives with Sage Smudging

In this video you will learn the philosophy and rituals used in sage smudging. Please note that thanks is given as the sage is picked. Tie your sage bundle and hang it to complete drying.

Healing with Sage

The smoke from white sage is used along with other ingredients, used to smudge buildings, people, and sacred places. Allow the smoke to cleanse you, and free you of negative energy.

Make Peace Within

Listen to the words shared about making peace. No one can do this for you, but you can turn to others, the elders, the great spirit, and the white sage to support you in your healing process.

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