Has anyone ever burned sage and got the opposite of peace?

A reader asks: “I had always enjoyed burning sage. I thought it would bring peace to my home. I have noticed that every time I smudge my home, all hell breaks loose. Like bad things. Fighting, unexpected money trouble, and other life bummers. Can sage actually bring bad to a family?”

This is always an interesting question, when something done for peace seems to instead attract negativity and problems. The question is whether or not those issues were there before the smudging/blessing. For someone to think “I want to bring peace to my home” could be said from a place of love and increasing that love, an “even more” statement. It could also come from a place of fear and desire to heal something that is oftentimes under the surface or suppressed. 

What can you do to overcome this negative effect? There are many approaches. Opening doors and windows and guiding the negativity outside is one way to remove lingering or confused energies. Returning the energy to its source is another.

Bringing in peace can actually be a scary thing for some people. Thinking about it, what would it be like to have peace in your living space? Would you have “breathing room”? Would it feel more free, like you can be yourself? When someone has grown up in a place that was supposed to be their safe haven, and the grown-ups around them violated that safe space whether consciously or unconsciously, a child learns to hide, and not trust those in that “safe space”. Years later they enter a relationship, and when their partner attempts to make the home more loving and peaceful it unconsciously stirs up old fears and betrayal of trust. How do you deal with that? Little steps, permission to heal, permission to be at whatever place “we” are in our beliefs and memories. Create a loving circle and allow those you choose to step into it on their own.

Sometimes we are able to resolve the issues on our own or as a family. There are times when we need assistance from someone trained and experienced in the metaphysical world, someone who has the understanding of spirituality and has the skills and tools to respectfully give support for the desired change.


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