Halloween and White Sage Blessings

Oh come on, Halloween and white sage?  It’s no joke. Let’s steer clear of the commercial and social side of halloween, with a multi billion dollar industry of costumes and candy. Have your fun, carve a pumpkin and decorate your yard. Think too of what you treasure in life, who you are, and those who have been a part of your world.

When it comes down to the white sage blessing side of halloween, let’s focus on what started this halloween tradition. It’s called “all hallows eve”, aka the night before all saints day.

halloween all hallows eve white sage blessingsThe meaning of All Hallows Eve

It was believed that on the eve of all saints day, the veil between the human and spirit world was much thinner. Spirit could communicate with humans, and visa versa. Understandably, everyone has their own experience. To communicate with spirits, people who have passed from the earth plane, takes both desire and faith in the experience.

It seems that our communication about spirit grows stronger all the time, and more people say that they are able to speak with a grandparent or parent, or lost child.

When I speak of halloween and white sage blessings, I’m really talking about honoring the souls of those who have touched your live. Those people near and dear to you have been a part of your life for a reason. A soul is a soul, whether they are walking the earth, or living within your memory and feelings of love.

Halloween & your All Hallows white sage blessing

You can create your own white sage blessing for your family and/or your ancestry. What’s the difference? Family would be those who have physically touched your life, such as an aunt, cousin, grandparent. Ancestry is more on the genetic level, dating back as many generations as you choose.

What can you offer to your family or ancestors?

  • Gratitude for bringing together an alliance that allowed you to be in this world
  • Appreciation for the things they did for the better, and forgiveness for their shortcomings
  • A prayer for healing, completing agreements that can be completed, and releasing what cannot.
  • Blessings for the past, present and future for you and everyone in your circle
  • A prayer for the future: that the future be bright, creative, warm, filled with love and prosperity.

Use your white sage for smudging, or use a smokeless white sage spray, if desired, and share your white sage blessings. Here are a few recommended white sage sprays:

Sage Smudge Body Mist and Room Spray. This spray is made with 100% pure essential oils.

Crystal Serenity Sprays Duo: Includes Peace & Harmony Aromatherapy Spray and Lavender & Sage Smudging Spray. This combo gives you a duo of healing and blessing sprays. Lavender is very healing and relaxing, and can promote sleep.

Cleansing Smudge Spray. This spray combines Organic White Sage, Rose, Organic Palo Santo & Himalayan Cedarwood to give you a wonderful aromatic, healing and cleansing blend.

Reminder to use caution when working with sprays. Protect your eyes, do not excessively inhale. Essential oil sprays can stain so consider your furniture and clothing.

Share your thoughts!

What are your thoughts?  What comes to mind to add to your personal all hallows white sage blessing?


halloween all hallows eve white sage blessings

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