Friday the 13th Full Moon

full blue moon and white sage blessingDo you believe in superstitions? To some extent we all do. It’s in our nature to study life and find meaning when possible, to know the consequences that follow our actions.

Your human mind is capable of focusing on anything you choose, and it is also capable of justifying and minimizing anything that cannot be easily explained.

Where do you stand on the superstition of Friday the 13th?  Surely you’re focus is to not have this be a day when things go wrong, but if something happens then at least you have something to blame, right?

What if this was a great day? Do you have any say in what kind of day this will be?

White Sage Blessings

Friday, let it be a day of conclusions: finishing the week with a sense of accomplishment, knowing more now than you did prior. Can it be such a day?

The full moon, bringing light into the hours of darkness. Can you feel illuminated?

This can be “just another day”, but each and every day can be greeted with joy, and happiness. Every day can be lived like it is the best day of your life. Each day can conclude with some part of you being stronger, or wiser.

Today might be the best day to focus on what it is you are here to accomplish, and where you direct your energy. Today can include a prayer, with or without a white sage blessing, to give thanks to the support you have, seen or unseen. Aho.



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