Flute Dreams – Clouds Dancing – Native American

A collection of compositions featuring the flute and reflecting the cultural heritage of the Native peoples of the Americas. The music ranges in scope from primal to symphonic and uses an array of instruments including Native American drums and rattles as well as synthesizers. A unique sound is created on various selections by several flutes playing in unison. The CD consists of original musical compositions by Alice Gomez played on Native instruments primarily the flute and drums. Each track has a beautiful melodic line and musical passages that enhance the original lyrical quality of the piece. The music captures the listener’s attention, clears the mind, creates a clear, open, uncluttered space for enjoying the adventure into the canyons of the Southwest, the purple mountain views, seeing tall peaked snow-capped mountains in the distance, or flying condors overhead and llamas grazing on the hillsides of the Andes Mountains. Buy it at amazon.com or at www.native-americans.org

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