Fall Equinox and White Sage Blessings

How can we prepare for the fall equinox of 2012, and the fall season? Are there certain ideas we can explore, things we can do to enhance our joy, happiness, and sense of well being?  Many use white sage smudging and prayer to use the equinox as a time of transition, letting go of the old and preparing for the new

fall equinox and white sage blessingThe Meaning of Equinox

The equinox is the day of equality. In the seasons that means equal night and day.

It’s rare that we have balance in our own lives. We work too hard, leaving little time for rest. Or, we socialize too much, not giving enough time to planning and building for tomorrow. Life is filled with the movement of the teeter totter as we explore the many facets of life.

This is the greatness of life, to have so many choices. We can explore, exploit, discover, and restore. We can bring life into balance that replenishes instead of depletes.

Fall Equinox and White Sage Blessing

Can we shift into the fall and winter in the same way as the seasons?  What does this mean? It is letting go of something we have worked so hard to create, the leaves of the trees, the fruit. As winter comes the tree prepares for the new season, slowing its growth, letting go of it’s resistance to the winds, and allowing itself to go dormant.

We follow the same cycles, not necessarily by the calendar, but by our own inner clock. What clues do we have but nature to show us the cycle of creating, maturing, and then letting go until the new season of growth begins.

White sage blessings are used first to set the tone or energy, creating a sacred space. The smoke of the white sage also acts as a voice of spirit, rising up to attract the support of our ancestors and support. The smoke is guided around our bodies to clean away the energies that no longer serve and support us. The smoke is used to activate our own self healing abilities, creating a sense of renewal.

Mixed is clear intentions white sage blessings can be powerful tools for creating our next step in life. Just like goal setting and planning, our intentions support and guide us on a different level. Ask for emphasis of those things that will support you: clarity, joy, a positive attitude, teamwork, faith. Have a wonderful 2012 fall equinox.

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photo by Tauʻolunga shared through Wikimedia commons.

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