Energy Healing Sessions offers stories and ideas for white sage smudging and information about the metaphysical and spiritual nature in life. White Sage Smudging and the many sacred herbs go back through history around the world. These plants are considered to be a sacred blessing tool and powerful healing tool.

The practice of White Sage Smudging combines intellect with our heart and soul and takes you a step beyond the physical and mental limits to a more soul-based understanding.

Shifting to soul presence

Have faith in your subtle abilities and your spiritual presence. The more you understand about your own energy, the greater a support and positive influence you are to the world around you. With awareness, you can fine-tune your ability to shift your energy, and influence the energy around you.

This shift in awareness takes practice, like anything else in life. The more you practice the more you strengthen your ability to release what no longer serves you, and set an energy tone that lets you live in greater happiness and peace.

Clearing the Air

There is an expression, “clearing the air”, and it can mean so much. It can be releasing emotions and perceptions that have been repressed, a healing that begins on the inside. Clearing the air can also mean creating a warm, loving, sacred space, aligning a physical space with present-time joy and setting boundaries for the comfort of those within that space. Just like it “takes a village to raise a child”, it takes a body, mind, and spirit alliance and a safe space to live a fulfilling life.

schedule energy healing supportProfessional Assistance

Do you have a question about your own energy or your experiences with others?

Are you seeking support, clarity, or guidance?

Have you felt something is out of place, even though you might not be able to describe it in words?

Do you support in shifting the energy within your home or relationships?

Healing and informative sessions are available by phone. These sessions begin with the setting of sacred space by an experienced intuitive healing practitioner using powerful spiritual tools. Sessions are also built on the foundation of compassion, never “forced change”.  Those who feel “stuck” are given the God-given right to heal within and step into their own life path and creativity.


“How long are these Energy Healing sessions?”

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes, by phone or Skype.  Prior to your session your advisor will observe your energy and communicate with their spiritual support team about the information and support you healing session via skype

Each session is $85 USD, paid prior to the session. You are responsible for calling (or Skyping) at the pre-arranged time.

“How do I prepare for my Energy Healing session?”

To maximize the benefit of your session please consider the following recommendations:

  • Write down your questions and any flashes of insights that come to you prior to your session.
  • Acknowledge the feelings that you are experiencing. Fear or anxiety may be resistance to change, and may not even be your energy or thoughts. Intense emotions are often a sign that this shift is important to you.
  • Consider what you want from the session: information? healing? a chance to talk about your experience? customized techniques that you can use on your own?
  • Keep an open mind, and understand I am not here to judge you. I have trained for years to see you in the best of light, and support you as a soul, seeing beyond the ego and problems we all create. I am also an advocate of human and living rights, and will not tolerate cruelty or abuse.

Ready for your session?

  • Write down your questions, and write notes during the session.
  • For your session time, choose a place where you feel safe, and will not be disturbed during your session.
  • Make sure you hydrate, with water, as pure as you can. Energy shifts detox the body, please give yourself the support your body needs to maximize your release.
  • Be under your own influence, not under the influence of substances that alter your consciousness.

A final note

  • Understand that the focus of the session may turn toward clearing the energy space, and it might focus on your own energy clearing. The point is to help you shift into greater ownership of your energy “space”.
  • The majority of sessions go full circle, leaving my clients in a great space, with clarity. Once in a while, the information provided takes a little time for the mind to process, or for the information to “sink in”. Sometimes you have to experience our live-space again with the knowledge gained before you really understand.
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session are non-refundable.

Who will perform the healing session? 
hummingbird shaman

We have several individuals each with over 10 years experience in energy healing who may conduct your session. Specialties include Pranic healing, Reiki master healing, personal trainers and coaches, and the multi-dimensional metaphysical skills of the Hummingbird Shaman.

These sessions are not based solely on any “native American” related practices, using techniques from only one culture. Sessions are a combination of techniques that utilizes global knowledge, wisdom, and energy healing skills. We all live in the same world. All our sessions are performed by skilled, dedicated, and conscious individuals who have invested their time and energy to assisting others in their individual path toward self-healing and greater awareness.

Please give a brief description of what you seek and we will match you with the best healer adviser.

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