White Sage Blessings and Easter Blessing Prayer

Can you use white sage as a part of your easter blessing prayer? Easter is thought to be a christian event. The steps leading up to easter are dark and sad, with the death of Christ and his burial within a rock tomb. But on easter Sunday it is discovered that the tomb is empty. The apostles soon reported seeing Christ appearing in what looked like his physical form, but as energy or spirit.

The meaning of Easter

Easter is associated with the rising of Christ, and is mirrored with the re-emergence of life from the stagnant darkness of winter. There are so many signs of the return of “life” that are a part of easter celebrations around the world.

Over time the easter traditions around the world have transitioned, but still have many common threads. There is silence and sadness followed by the return of life on Easter Sunday.

Easter eggs are the most commonly known part of the easter celebration, with eggs painted in red or other bright colors. Meals on easter Sunday include traditional lamb or ham, simnal cake.

white sage easter blessing prayerWhite Sage and Easter

What does white sage blessings have in common with Easter blessing prayers?

White sage blessings and Easter blessing prayer is an offering of faith, belief, and a desire for the days to come to be blessed. It is a celebration that you are more than the mortal, that you are spirit.

Well, jumping all the way into celebrating our own presence as spirit may be a bit much for many people to grasp, but at least we can celebrate the spiritual presence of Christ.

What does easter mean to you? Let’s take a different approach, what would you like to ask for, both for you and those around you?

There is a tradition in the scandinavian parts of the world to bring birch branches indoors as a blessing for the house. In fact, you can buy Willow Tree Blessings, simple hand-carved figures as a gift or for your own home.  Surprisingly enough, this link was found on amazon. These are hand crafted by artist Susan Lordi hand at her art studio on Kansas City, Missouri. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your skill with blessing and thoughts of kindness.

White Sage Easter Blessing Prayer

Another tradition for easter that has been practiced for centuries around the world is the bonfire. What does this give us? There is the presence of light within the darkness, and the rising of the smoke into the heavens.

Can you combine the christian practice of easter traditions with white sage blessings and energy healing? Both offer the same recognition of the darkness we can experience in this world, and both are a support in our desire and choice to ask for more, and step into the light.

Both white sage smudging  and Easter blessing prayers recognize that there is a spiritual presence in this world. With white sage smudging and Easter blessing prayers you can welcome that spiritual guidance and support into your home and your life.

What can you say in your Easter blessing prayer?  Let the words be your own, but let’s set the stage with the help of the ho’oponopono: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”.  Talk about shifting from your own darkened moments in life, choosing to recognize and release what no longer serves you! Where do you go from there? To a place of greater love, filled with gratitude.  You can change this into your own words, if you choose, or use the ho’oponopono phrase with the intention that deep down you know what it is you are asking for.

Life is a series of events, both light and dark. In the typical lifetime you will see many winters and many springs. The Easter blessing prayer comes once in a year, while white sage smudging can be repeated as often as you like. Each time you use any modality of prayer, healing, and spiritual recognition you have a chance to review and renew your life, and how you want to live it.

Share your thoughts, and your ideas for your own Easter blessing prayer so that others may learn and benefit. We are all in this world together!

God bless.

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Image credit: artist unknown, 1915 postcard.

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