Could burning sage help me get rid of other peoples energy?

A reader asked, “I know I have someone else’s spirit or energy in me, I could feel it. How do I get rid of them, I do not feel good now and don’t know what to do. How do I know when they are gone?”

Using Sage to Clear Your Energy

White Sage has been used for centuries for energy clearing and smoke smudging to clear negative energy as well as clear energy that has accumulated or the energy of other people out of your auric field and chakras.

How do you know when you’ve picked up other peoples energy?

We do so all the time, and don’t set very clear boundaries, energetically. One clue is when you think of them out of the ordinary, or “feel” a conversation with them when they are not there. You could physically feel their energy change how you feel, or feel a heaviness from their energy.

Why do we pick up other peoples energy?

That’s the magic question, why do we pick up other peoples energy. We all have similarities, and we all sense things even if we do not consciously notice. There are times when we can pick up another persons energy because we sympathize or relate to their problems because we want to finish or fix the same within ourselves. So the idea to embrace when you do your white sage smudging and self clearing/healing is to send blessings, gratitude, and a prayer for other peoples healing as well as resolution of your own unseen conflicts.

Why thank others for what they have given you? They have helped you uncover something within yourself, that’s why their energy can stick around in your life. Thank them for helping you, it’s the first step to “unsticking”. Remember forgiveness as well as a powerful healing tool. Combine this with your white sage smudging and you have a powerful healing tool.

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