Cleansing The Space

This is a short video on five quick ways to purify and cleanse the space, ridding it of negative energies. The first way is by using water or some such liquid to spray about the room, salt water or lavender water are good ones. The second way is by fire, using a candle to burn the stale energies away. The third, is by using a smudge stick and smudging the air, sage and rosemary are good ones. The forth is by using a bell, shaker or sound where you basically shake it about the room to shuffle the energies away. The last is a similar method that involves fanning the energy away by use of ribbons, feathers or even a besom. Chants can be included when you cleanse the space such as: “Minions of dark now quit this space, for only the light will I embrace.” “Energies of love and light, banish the dark and clear my sight!” “I banish the dark to bring the light, I banish the dark to bring the light.” x

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