How to Clean Smudging Feathers


Many enjoy using a feather to gently guide the smoke from their white sage smudging. You can use any feather, turkey feathers are popular, and legal to own.

How to clean smudging feathers

A reader asks,

“Hello, I use feathers when I do white sage smoke cleansing, and I want to learn how to clean the feathers. I’ve tried to clean them before with soap but they looked horrible. What can I do to clean them?”

Here are a few tips

  • Freeze the feathers for 2-3 days inside a plastic bag
  • Dust the feathers with Diatomaceous earth – you can buy this at a garden store
  • Bleach the quill
  • Use a UV light wand – they are designed for disinfecting things like mattresses, sofas, pillows, etc. with UV-C Sanitizing Wand. These are useful for sterilizing kitchen and bathroom counters, as well.

If you’ve found your feather it is important to clean it to remove any bugs and sterilize the feather.

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