Channelling and Spirits – Nature’s “Streaming Video”?

I know the title of this article sounds funny, but the concepts within it all apply. Think about it, what is so great about streaming video, and what makes our advances today with technology so amazing? We get more with less interruption. The same idea applies in our own lives as well. At our best times we are “streaming”, not a video but ourselves. We are channeling our spirit.

Saint_François_de_SalesChanneling Our Own Spirit

Many ask the question, “What are spirits?”, and that question can be marked by both curiousity and fear. Spirits are etheric, at a much higher vibration than the denser energy that makes up our physical body. It is the combination of spirit and physical that make life, and the more the two are in harmony the more living we get out of life.

Are Spirits Helpful or Harmful?

Look around the world today and you already have the answer to that question. Still the topic is one that goes far deeper than we could imagine. Sometimes something that appears harmful is actually happening to get us to change course, breaking apart a situation that could potentially get much worse.  On a spirit level we make agreements and hold beliefs that cause us to interpret things in a certain way, making something teeter on the fence between helpful and harmful.

The question in itself is a blessing, that we have choices available to us both in how we respond and what we do next. Spirits on all levels, including our own spirit self, can be there to guide us, but it is really our responsibility to make the right choices and learn from our experiences.

Saying Hello to Spirits

When we pray we are saying hello to spirit. During a smudging blessing or clearing session we are saying hello to spirit as well. We call in the helpful spirits, the elders and ancestors, and clear the harmful energies from our “world”.  When we meditate we are also saying hello to our own spirit. Meditation also helps you identify other spirits you are communicating with so you can complete unfinished business and end the communication. As we say hello we can create more clarity within ourselves. It’s been said, “Silence is golden”, and isn’t that the truth!

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