How to Change Bad Luck into Good Luck

A reader asks: “I’m feeling really frustrated with the way everything is going in my life. How do I change bad luck into good luck?” Changing back luck to good luck takes a combination of attitude and actions, all done by you. The good news is that you have the power to create change in your life.

Surround yourself with Good People

“I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”
~ Adele

Create your own “Home Sweet Home”

Want to change your luck for the better? Give a little thought to where you live.

White Sage Blessings for House and Home

change bad luck into goodUse Prayer to change back luck

There are two types of prayers:

Help Me Prayer: the “help me” prayer comes up when you’re feeling low, don’t know what to do, and let’s face it, sometimes that “help me” prayer involves a little bit of pushing your problems outside of yourself, asking someone else to solve it for you. It’s challenging to create change when your energy is low or focused on something “low”.

Thank You Prayer: the “thank you” prayer, where you spend a little time re-visiting what’s good about your life. You can also use the thank you prayer to give thanks to things you want to attract into your life. How does that work? Give thanks as it whatever it is you want is already in your life. Use this as a positive energy builder.

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Energy balancing

Energy “reversals” happen. How?  Energy reversals can be caused by trauma, with a big energy surge in a sense throwing you off balance. It takes a lot to shift back into balance and positive energy flow, but in the process you will be reclaiming your personal power, and will release a whole lot of struggle, making the process well worth it.

Can Meditation change bad luck?

There are many forms of meditation. For example, one form of meditation focuses on clearing yourself to achieve a state of “nothingness”, while another form of meditation is active and conscious clearing. Both lead to more clarity, and more of your energy being “you”. A good thing to understand about meditation, or any form of energy work, is that it’s in layers, like an onion. You might feel great one day and then “bam” it feels like it’s back the next day. Have faith, and get into grace with the idea that this new layer is appearing because you are ready to release it.

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