Can White Sage Turn Bad Luck Into Good Luck?

Despite reason and logic, many of us do carry a belief in luck. Recently a roofer did an inspection of my roof. His ladder was right on my path to my recycling bin. It would have been easy for me to walk right under his ladder, and save myself some steps, I paused then walked around the ladder.

Walking under a ladder is only one of many events that are thought to bring you bad luck. What about breaking a mirror? That one holds a hefty curse of seven years bad luck. Spilling salt is another unlucky action. At least the salt curse can be corrected by tossing a little salt over your shoulder.

Some people really do think they always have bad luck. Can we debate the whole idea of bad luck? Let me offer you an expression: “perception is reality”. How many times do you hear someone say something like “nobody likes me”, and you know for a fact that is far from the truth. Yes, perception is a reality.

Whether or not good or bad luck exists, what can you do to turn bad luck into good luck?

White sage and good luck

Can white sage help change bad luck into good luck? When you use white sage for smudging, along with a sincere prayer or affirmation, you are taking steps to clear away negative energy.

Having a positive focus can make a world of difference. Think of magnets: turned one-way magnets will attract, drawing the two magnets together. Turned the other way, the magnets will repel each other. Choose the side that obtains whatever makes you happy, or brings you good luck. Focus on the desired outcome, not dwelling on the bad luck you feel is affecting you.

Creating a change:

How to have good luck


Aside from good luck charms, crystals and four-leaf clovers, here are a few ideas to help you shift the energy from bad luck to good luck.

  • Do a little white sage ceremony. You can use white sage smoke, but if that’s not possible you can just move your white sage wand as if it were lit and smoking.
  • Use the power of THREE: First, ask for support that will help you change whatever it is inside you that brings bad luck to your life. There is likely some karma to resolve or a life lesson that will help you in the future. Ask that the change is graceful and rewarding. Second, ask for a release of the bad luck energy, and any negative feelings or thoughts that it has caused. Third, ask that your inner “magnets” be switched from bad and negative to loving and positive.
  • Eat foods that support good luck. Hindu legends associated tulsi, or holy basil, with good luck. It is excellent for your health, promoting good breathing and calming. Foods that support you also help you stay “grounded”, which creates a positive magnetic pull.
  • Mantras can help change your luck as well. You can easily get a 108 bead rosary to help you countdown your 108 repetitions. Listen to the Chant of Metta, or find a mantra that supports the change you seek.
  • Did you know butterflies are associated with good luck? Butterflies go through metamorphosis, which makes them a beautiful example of the ability to create change.
  • hanging a horseshoe is an old-world symbol for good luck. One critical point is how you hang the horseshoe. Ends should face upward to keep the luck. If you hang a horseshoe facing downward you risk all the good luck pouring out.

Good luck with your luck changing quest!



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