Can White Sage Smudging Turn My Luck For The Better?

A reader asked the question, “I’ve been learning about smudging for the body energy, and I’ve wondered if smudging does energy clearing and healing can it also turn my luck around? It’s seems like no matter what I do I feel like I’m going in the opposite direction. Help!”

white sage and abalone shellWhite Sage Smudging and Good Luck

Luck is an interesting concept. In some situations luck is seen as chance, like rolling the dice. If luck is chance then how can we harness the power of luck? Then again, luck is seen to be something that some people possess, like a compass point that goes in your direction no matter which way you face.

White sage, used for blessings, clearing, and healing, helps us clear the negative so that there is more space for the positive in our lives. Combine the sage with success focus, is like clearing the space and then deciding what you’ll allow in that space in the future.

Healing an Unlucky Spell

Sometimes people experience an ongoing challenge and don’t know why or how to change it. It could be described as a time when no matter how you try to make things right the more it seems to go the other way.

From a psychic perspective there is a key to this puzzle, and it lies in untwisting the energies that are affecting your choices and direction. Sometimes we don’t recognize our own true intentions, or see when others are affecting us in a negative way. It’s not always conscious, and it’s not a matter of control or manipulation, it’s merely that we are interactive souls, sometimes too interactive.

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