Can I Combine White Sage Smudging With Tarot?

What can we do with tarot or oracle cards with white sage smudging?  Tarot gives us insights into our lives on many levels: emotional, spiritual, and the cycles of the human experience. White sage smudging is used to clear away negative energy and create a safe space.  Combining the two, oracle or tarot cards with white sage and smudging, can create an alliance of insight and healing that can leave you feeling uplifted and renewed.

Oracle Cards or Tarot?

tarot and white sage smudgingTarot cards each have their own meaning, and combined the tarot deck tells a story of life. Each card is pre-defined, which means you have to know the meaning of the card either by experience or by using a book. Oracle cards are more free-wheeling, and can be interpreted in a way that fits your own life experience.

Combining White Sage Smudging with Tarot

Tarot decks and oracle cards are filled with meaning, and there is a lot of energy we have wrapped up in every concept, story, and belief. Because of this the cards themselves can be overloaded with personal energy. It’s always a good idea to clear the energy around the cards, even blessing the cards before using those cards for a personal reading.

You can use white sage for smudging the cards. Begin with a clearing of any energy that does not honor free will and personal growth; use your white sage smudging for a release of energy once you draw a card or cards from the deck to help heal and restore; and use the white sage smoke afterward to clear the cards of any energy they may have picked up before storing the cards in a safe place.

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