Burning White Sage For Depression

A reader asked us: “I recently heard that burning a sage candle, incense, or white sage smudging is good for households with a lot of negativity and depression. Any validity to this? Can burning white sage help clear away depression?”

What is Depression?

Depression is often described as a long term mental state, as opposed to a response to something happening in the moment. The energy of depression is low in the scale of emotional energies. How do you get out of a state of depression, such a low energy, when it takes energy to shift and heal?

burning white sage and depression

White Sage and Depression

Can burning white sage help for depression? If we view it like a form of medicating then no, that is not what we are doing. Keep in mind though that our body responses most positively to good nutrition, real food, and clean water. Detoxing is a powerful tool!

Burning white sage is like detoxing the energy around you. When you burn white sage, with the intention of clearing away negativity and depression, it’s like a detox for your environment.

One of the keys to burning white sage is that you allow the positive spiritual energy forces to support you. Remember that not a single one of us is alone.

Depression isn’t just about our environment, though, for the roots of depression run deep inside our thoughts and feelings. If this is the case, then clearing our environment is only one step in our healing process.

White Sage Healing for Depression

Note: If you are having issues that you are unable to solve on your own it is always advised that you seek qualified help.

If you are a soul seeking a safe space, permission to heal yourself, or support in your release of energies that no longer serve you, there are many things you can do as a part of your overall self-care plan. From the soul perspective you can use white sage, and the popular sweetgrass as well, as a symbol and catalyst for self healing.

Your healing prayer can include statements like asking for the guidance and support that will assist you in your healing, respecting your freewill and spiritual rights. You can focus on specific words like depression, blocks, or sadness. You can also include a request to release any energies not your own, and ask your spiritual guidance to instead support others in their own healing. For every energy you release, remember to replenish as well, setting the tone on energies that will support you in experiencing your life to the fullest, with joy and love. Always close your prayer with a thank you and a closing word: Aho and Amen are both words that can you used for closing a prayer.

Burning white sage has been thought to assist you in carrying your prayers to the spirit world. Can burning white sage for depression be an effective tool? Dealing with emotional blocks and energy issues takes more than just a snap of the fingers, but everything you do can be a part of turning things in the right direction. Burning white sage is symbolic in many ways, but it is also supporting and a strong energy tool. It works along with your own act of faith and can create a receptive healing space. God bless.

disclaimer: My perspective on depression comes from not from a psychology standpoint, and I am not licensed in medical or psychological fields. I am an ordained minister, both trained and skilled at recognizing our spiritual ability for both energy blocks and energy healing, and assist others in their own self healing and life enhancements.

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