Burning sage helps, could anything else?

I’ve always had problems with feeling out of place, crawling in my skin, a constant sense of restlessness.

I was recently laid off, dumped, and my best friend passed away. I’m only 26 so I know it’s not entirely the end of my world, but it has really magnified my pre-existing sense of negativity.

My mom has been getting into meditation, burning insence, yoga, etc. since battling cancer, and she gave me some dried white sage she was given by "new age wayne" (our term of endearment around their house for him).

I put some in a clay pot, light it on fire, then blow it out and place it by the windowsill where the breeze blows the smoke around. I have a very small one room apartment so it doesn’t take much for every corner to be smudged (? I have no idea what I’m talking about really).

Anyhow, I’m taking far too long to ask this question. Are there any other rituals that could give me the same feeling of peace and safety? I’ve always felt a connection to Canada’s first nation people. They have an unbelieveably calm, wise, and gentle manner. I have so much respect for their culture.

Is there anything else that can help me rid my life of all the negativity that seems to be attracted to me? I would really appreciate any advice.

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