Blue Moon Meditation and White Sage Blessings

It’s a blue moon month, meaning two full moons in the same month. Is this anything special? Yes, of course it is. Given the choice we can see anything and everything in our lives and the world around us as special. We can give thanks, treat others and ourselves with the greatest of honor.

So, in this blue moon month, the second full moon, could this day, or night, be a great opportunity to give a special prayer, offering, healing, or meditation?

White Sage Healing With A Full Moon

full blue moon and white sage blessingWhite sage is often used during blessings and prayers. During a full moon you can offer a special prayer, in the light of the moon, that even in the darkness there is light, that what cannot be seen is still blessed.

From a perspective of seeing and healing on a soul-level as a spiritual counselor, I’ve seen many special qualities and so much love hidden away in many individuals, keeping their most precious gifts within their own darkness. It is possible, we can heal the memories of those times when we felt lost within our darkness, and return our focus to our inner light.

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Special Blue Moon Healing

What if we give thought to the full moon at both the beginning and the end, giving thanks that what we start comes back to us in one form or another. This is another good reason for us to give from our heart and our highest self, for what we direct our attention to is what we live with.  White sage smudging can be used to clear the circle around you, the space in which you connect to your world.

We can add a special white sage blessing for our thoughts and our actions, that we give in a way that supports others, and that we accept the support that comes to us on every level. Remember that white sage is used to clear away negativity, so add to your prayer that your energies be clear and healthy going out, and that the energies that come back to you pass first through a healing, cleansing filter to weed out anything that does not support you in some way.

Have a great blue moon meditation with your white sage blessings!

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