Thoreau’s Blessing For A Day

In today’s thought for the day focuses on the fine balance between life happening to you, and life “by design”. How much influence do you have on your life? Wait, let’s ask an easier question: what influence do you have today?

“It’s only a matter of time”. This simple statement is most often interpreted as meaning that sooner or later some event will take place. Those events are thought to be inevitable: something that cannot be avoided, often unfortunate. Karma would fall into the circle of “It’s only a matter of time”. Now let’s turn this idea of what comes to us in life in a different direction.

Blessing for a day: An intuitive’s perspective

Thoreau is credited with saying, ‘An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.’  There are times when I choose to begin my day before the rising sun. On those mornings I bask in the beauty of the sunrise, as seen in this photo.

Mornings are special. The energy is one of awakening, the slow deep breath that is so fulfilling. Yet to be overtaken by the brightness and the heat of the day. Mornings are a graceful.

It’s only a matter of time,  aka time is your most flexible tool

Time can work in your favor.

Have you ever enjoyed an early morning walk?  The weather may not always be cooperative for a healing, enjoyable walk. You can still incorporate the stillness, quiet, and awakening of the early morning into your white sage healing and blessings.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”
Henry David Thoreau

Early morning white sage blessings

  • Solitude – This is an interactive world, but all things have a counter-balance. Solitude gives you a chance to experience your own thoughts, ideas, passions, and energies.
  • Stillness – Again, we have counterbalance, For every action there is a reaction, but let’s take it in the other direction. For every action there is a pre-action. Create the space, and since nature does not permit a void, that space will be filled. This is your chance to have a conscious part in your blessings and prayers.
  • Colors – Look at the photo below. The colors are vivid in the early morning, giving you a different perspective. How can this time of day inspire you? Creativity, playfulness, restful presence?

What do you see as tools and resources available to you in the early morn?  You can factor into your white sage blessings, sweetgrass offerings, or cedar sacred space, a world of color with a story from the heart.

early morning walk blessing thoreau

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