Bless the Water

This video was created in 2009. Where are we five years later? Creating the world we want to live in isn’t just a single-step process. You can create, renew, and revise your intent.  Today is a great day to share a blessing for the water within and around us.

bless the water“Concert for the Living Water” was coordinated and played out worldwide in several locations live and across the internet. This mix is two separate love streams mixed together both from Canada: Edmonton Alberta and Toronto Ontario streaming at the same time live and finally got around to putting up a video with it now. It’s okay, the energy still transfers to the water, no matter what time or day it is. Please feel free to add your own energy to the ‘mix’ the solution as it were.. we all can add to the healing of the planet via the water solution as one important way to send healing energy for the ails that plague us all on earth.

Learn about World Water Day on Wikimedia.

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