Before You Use White Sage For Smudging Nature Takes It’s Turn

What a great thing it is to grow herbs and other plants for smudging. Not only do we get the benefit, but nature gets it’s turn as well. So before you use that white sage or the other aromatic plants in your garden you can remember that you’ve already provided a great service to the bees, hummingbirds and butterfly.

Sage Is For More Than Smudging

While not all the plants in your garden are beneficial to the flying nature spirits in your garden you can be sure that by growing the plants used in smudging you create a garden space that is more harmonious. Many plants used in smudging are repellents to insect damage as well. You can add cedar to your dog bed to repel fleas.

Designing Your Garden

Remember that there are many elements that affect your garden, things like the amount of sunlight and ability to water. Choose locations that is the least work for the most benefit.

Growing White Sage and Other Smudging Plants – Nature Does the Work

White sage and other sage varieties, cedar, sweetgrass, and other smudging plants: Many smudging plants grow naturally, but those nature gardens can use your support. Not all spaces need to be mowed, and hold off before you use pesticides and other chemicals. Nature loves natural, and you’ll have greater variety of nature creatures in your garden and area if you support natural growing habits.

A great book for growing your own medicinal garden is The Medicinal Garden: How to Grow and Use Your Own Medicinal Herbs.

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