Bay Laurel Smudging For Healing and Protection

bay laurelBay laurel has been known for it’s culinary uses. Did you know that bay leaves have been used as a sacred plant for centuries as a healing, protective, and prophetic herb?

Historic uses of bay laurel

Bay leaves Bay laurel, aka bay leaves, were used in ancient greece for divination, which means seeking knowledge through metaphysical means. The greek god Apollo, known as the god of music, prophecy, and healing used bay laurel leaves. It’s said that the nymph Daphne wanted to discourage attention from Apollo, and changed herself into the first bay tree. Apollo then adopted bay laurel as a sacred plant.

The sacred side of bay laurel

The sacred power in bay leaves includes purification, good luck, healing and change, protection, and dreams.

  • Bay Leaf Smoke: One suggested use of bay leaves is to have an aluminum/metal and burn it. This source also says to leave the room for 10 minutes then return and inhale the smoke for instant relaxation and calming. Make sure that there is nothing that might catch on fire from the burning bay leaves!  I’d suggest staying in the room, or do this outside on a calm wind day.
  • Bay leaves in the corners of the room: Bay leaves are sacred, and it is thought to ward off being jinxed. Energetically I can see the protective nature of bay laurel.
  • Sweep away the harsher energies: You can either make a tea from bay leaves, and add it to your floor washing water, or crumble bay leaves on your floor and sweep out the front door and/or porch. Very symbolic!
  • Prophetic dreams: Try placing a bay leave under your pillow to inspire psychic dreams.
  • Money Prayer: Light a candle placed on a container/plate. Meditate on your money wish, then write it on a bay leaf. light the bay leaf and let it burn, placing it in the container until it burns completely. Offer the ashes to the winds.
  • Smoke smudge to the heavens with bay laurel: Have some old bay leaves in your kitchen? Do you have a fireplace or wood stove? try your own variation of the money prayer. Write what you would like on those old leaves and toss them in your fire. Another option is to add bay laurel leaves to your campfire. Make sure your campfire is safe/legal/and not during a burn ban. Can’t burn? You can bury your bay laurel leaves.


Use caution with smoke, and fire, never leave it unattended. Also, it’s not recommended to eat bay leaves. You can cook with it and remove the leaf before serving. You can also make a tea, just don’t eat the leaf itself.

Where can you buy bay laurel?

Most bay laurel in the kitchen is likely old. You can buy fresher dried leaves at your local healthy foods market in the bulk section, or via amazon. You can buy a pound Organic Bay Leaf, Whole, 1 Pound Bulk Bag, and have a bay leaf blessing party!

Want fresh? Try growing your own!

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bay laurel (laurus)

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