Aromatherapy Basic – More Information Tere Banks is a native of Mississippi, whih accounts for her lovely southern accent. She has a BA from the University of Mississippi in English, Spanish and Journalism as well as a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. Having worked in the corporate world for more than 20 years, she has followed her calling to the realm of personal growth using Aromatherapy, Reiki, Feng Shui and other natural healing techniques. Using only the purest essential oils and herbal ingredients, Tere has developed over 400 formulas for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and harmony. SHe is also certified through the HOlistic Therapies Institute of Ohio and the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. In this presentation, Tere gives a very detailed explanation of what aromatherapy is, where it came from and the benefits everyone can obtain from using pure essential oils. There is no better presentation of this topic available and should be the first choice of everyone who is interested in Aromatherapy Basics.

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