All Hallows Eve Blessing With White Sage

Halloween is a great fun time, filled with candy and costumes, laughter and a little bit of playful fright. This evening began as a sacred time, as All Hallow’s Eve. What does this mean, and how can we bring the “spirit of spirit” into our halloween traditions?

All Hallows Eve Blessing

It’s all about spirit. During the eve of All Hallows Day it was thought that the link between the physical world and the spirit world had a stronger connection than other times. How do the public respond to this belief? With prayer, building traditions, and even creating games to compensate for disbelief and inability to see the spirit world.

Bonfires were lit, offerings were created, and thoughts turned to dearly departed ones. These traditions were quietly guided by religious leaders in their attempts to steer the public from pagan, ancient ways. They were only partially successful, for many religious traditions, even today, hold strong roots in pagan ways that the people would not let fade away.

All Hallows Eve Blessing with White Sage

What a great opportunity to clear the air, bring in honor and love to those living and departed, and set the stage for tomorrow. White sage smudging uses a fragrant smoke as a carrier for spiritual energy.

  • Use your white sage to first clear the environment, then set a sacred space. Next you can invite in your ancestory, collectively or by name.
  • Give thanks, show honor, and use this time to ask that any unresolved issues be released.
  • Ask that any lingering problems be given to God so that those who pause in their spiritual path be restored in their spiritual freedom.
  • While the communication line is open with Great Spirit, ask that everyone within this circle be blessed and healed, and remember to accept this blessing for yourself.
  • Thank all who have joined you for this time of blessing using white sage, and say your good-byes, letting the energy shift back into the everyday world.

Halloween – All Hallows Eve

What is “All Hallows”? It is “all holy”. Imagine how this world would be if we saw ourselves and those in our circle as holy and sacred? A white sage All Hallows Eve blessing is a time you can live within that vision of sacred and holy, setting the tone of love within the days to follow.

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