A Gathering Of Spiritual Support

Smudging is a great way to gather together spiritual support, setting a tone of peace and harmony. You can smudge, or crumble a little sage around the corners of the room. You can also walk around the outside of the building, either smudging or giving offerings to the land and spirit realm for their support.

Your Spiritual Gathering

Spiritual support is a gathering, in a sense a group event. “Where two or more are gathered” has long been honored as a message of the power of group agreement. Smudging is a declaration of your intent as well as an invitation for others to join in and share your belief.

Who Can You Call On For Spiritual Support?

You can call in the ancestors, the spiritual masters, Gaia, the Supreme Being, the elemental earth realm, your personal spirit animal totem, and of course your “in the flesh” friends to join in your prayers and blessings.

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