3 Powerful White Sage Smudging Benefits

What are the benefits of White Sage Smudging? Let’s explore, going from the “problem” to the desired outcome to see the practical and magical sides of White Sage smudging.

white sage smudge sticks

One: Smudging shows your desire to change things

This one seems like the obvious, but let’s face it: it is easy to be in the midst of your own life without really thinking that what you feel is something that can be changed. White Sage smudging is a great tool for stepping out of the energy and into a space where you can work the energy.

Two: Smudging lets you translate your thoughts into words

Sometimes you just have to put your thoughts into words to calm that “monkey mind” or get your mind out of its spin. By translating your thoughts into actual words you can more easily see what you are dealing with, and then take that next step. What’s the next step?

Three: Smudging is a great vessel for change

Think of everyday life as walking. You can do it yourself, and it will get you where you want to go. What if you want to step things up a bit? What do you need? A vessel. Hop in the car, ride a bike, take the train.

White sage smudging is a vessel for releasing energy, whether it’s emotional, mental, or spiritual. It’s also a great way to bring in more of what you want, like support, a safe space, clarity. This is a great way to set the stage for your next step, whether it’s forgiveness, acceptance, or standing your ground.

There you have it, three benefits of white sage smudging! So where does the magical fit in? I think that any time you set your mind to something and make it happen is magical.

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